Improving Knowledge. Saving Lives.

A Cardiac Arrest Survival Foundation Initiative.

October is nationally recognised as Defib Awareness Month.

whats trading options can you make money in forex trading can a petroleum engineer invest in real estate what is it worth This Shoctober your workplace can show it cares about cardiac arrest survival.

During the month of October, we are calling on workplaces to show that they care about Cardiac Arrest Survival by hosting their own Shoctober Event as a Defibrillator Awareness Program. 
Shoctober makes this easy by providing the tools and resources that a workplace would need. 




The Cardiac Arrest Survival Foundation:

The Cardiac Arrest Survival Foundation (CASF), a registered charitable fund, is the philanthropic arm of Cardiac Responder. CASF aims to reduce the number of needless deaths from cardiac arrest by improving public awareness, reliability and accessibility of AEDs, especially in public spaces and workplaces.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Sudden cardiac arrest is the leading cause of sudden death in Western society yet we know little about its impact in Australia. While the number of deaths in Australia has been estimated at over 33,000 per year, the CASF aims to improve the validity and application of this important data.

Community Deployments

Deployment of defibrillator / AED rescue systems in the community is a "brick and mortar" heart safety initiative of the CASF.  

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