Improving Knowledge. Saving Lives.

A Cardiac Arrest Survival Foundation Initiative.

In thousands of recorded incidents across the globe, one factor has proven critical to improving your chance of surviving a sudden cardiac arrest: be near a defibrillator when it happens.

An AED or automated external defibrillator is a device used in first aid to assist with manual CPR that restarts the heart.

Automated External Defibrillators (AED) provide automated heart rhythm analysis, voice commands, and deliver a shock.

When the heart stops beating, an AED can shock the heart back to normal rhythm.

But every minute that passes without a heartbeat reduces your chance of surviving by 10 per cent.

No need to panic though, AEDs are easy to use, and a defibrillator will only deliver a shock if a shock is required.

Watch survive in five.

Where are AEDs found?

These defibrillators are located in train stations, airports, shopping centres and other busy public places.

Some workplaces across Australia are having AED's installed in the workplace as part of their first aid facilities.

Important information: 

Like any electronic safety equipment, it is important that defibrillators are implemented as part of a systematic programme that ensures that they are present and working when required.

Buyers Beware!

Before choosing a defibrillator for use in a public or work environment, do your homework.
Properly Implemented AEDs save lives!

Relevant Articles: 

  • Counting the cost of AED Failures : 1150 dead
    Exactly how many lives may be saved depends on AEDs being readily available and in working order when they are needed. Unfortunately, there have been fatalities from malfunctioning or poorly deployed devices: US research has linked 1150 deaths to AED failures over 15 years.
    Download the PDF From the AEDDR Website…

  • The Journal of Occupational Health and Safety AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND
    Reliability, sustainability and effectiveness of Automated External Defibrillators deployed in workplaces and public areas. Dr. D DINGSDAG
    Journal of OHS Dingsdag 2009 : Download the PDF

  • Basic Life Support Flow Chart
    Based on Australian Resuscitation Council guidliens for CPR, released December, 2010
    DRSABCD Chart
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