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A Cardiac Arrest Survival Foundation Initiative.

1 x Defib Mat Pack : AUD$75 (GST free)
+ shipping and handling costs of AUD$10.


When unfolded the Defib Mat dimensions are 90cm x 90cm.

The Defib Mat should be used while watching the defib simulation DVD.

One DVD is included with each Defib Mat.

Participants kneel adjacent to the Defib Mat and simulate the use of a defibrillator while watching the DVD.

Participants learn to place the electrodes in the correct position on the patient's torso.

1DefibMat 0006 2DefibMat 0035 3DefibMat 0030 4DefibMat 0005 5DefibMat 0017 6DefibMat 0018 7DefibMat 0022